Huevos Rancheros - A great start to any day!

Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don’t know why, but when I am at home sometimes breakfast consists of only a cup of coffee, it used to be a cup of coffee and a cigarette – time for healthy living now.

However, when I am travelling I always enjoy a big hearty breakfast and one of my favourites I discovered on my travels through Mexico is huevos rancheros. Basically, it is refried beans on a tortilla, two fried eggs on top and a chilli, tomato and peppers sauce poured over. Simply delicious when I had this dish at a simple, but very clean roadside stall next to a beach. It always pays to eat local when travelling, exotic animals dishes the exception, as a new cuisine experience opens out before you. Keep away from restaurants offering “Menu Turístic” as at these restaurants you will most likely never get the real local flavours.

When it comes to eating when you are travelling, become a native and eat ‘local’. Bon Appétit.