Getting ready for Chinese opera - Malacca, Malaysia

I often get accused of only being a landscape photographer, that I don’t take people photographs. Perhaps when I first started travelling I didn’t want to impose on people, but as one gets wiser in their travels and to a lesser extent having better lenses the photographs began to appear. But 25 years later I still get “Why don’t you take people photographs?” I do, so to you detractors I am posting just a few of my people photographs.

Shy Berber women - Tangiers, Morocco

Waiting for her chance to dance - Celestun, Mexico

Lake Banani - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shepherd - Crete, Greece

Guard at La Moneda - Santiago, Chile

Mijikenda woman - Kenya

Ice cream maker - Damascus, Syria

I hope you enjoyed the photographs and I would appreciate your comments. Which one did you like the most?