What a bummer!

After my recent visit to Sri Lanka and my love of elephants I decided to post a series of the light-hearted side of elephants. The photographs were taken at Minneriya National Park, Pinawella Elephant Orphanage and at the Kandy Perhara. I hope this post will put a smile on your faces. Cheers.

“Now Junior, stay close to mamma.”

“I heard there’s a party down the road, let’s go.”

Elephant taxi.

“I dropped my contacts, can anyone find them?”

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

“Who said elephants couldn’t dance?”

“What are you doing behind my ears?”

“I think your orange clashes with my red!”

“Not in public, please!”

Showing a bit of leg

Time to chill-out!

“I thought this was a no smoking zone”

“Now boys, stop fighting over me!”

The Three Wise Elephants

“Don’t forget to wash your ears”

“Stop annoying me!”

“Has anyone caught any fish yet?”

“That’s a good boy – drink up all your milk.”

“I need to rest my trunk.”

I hope you all enjoyed my photos, I’d like to know your favourites, so please send a comment. Thanks