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It’s children like this that the Taliban are attacking. Early morning Mingora

Who in their right mind could shoot someone like this?

Like the rest of the civilised world I am praying for the full recovery of Malala, the charming and brave 14-year old from Mingora who was brutally shot by the Taliban. The world needs more people like her. What the world does not need are Taliban with their archaic thoughts and total disregard for human life. Aren’t they educated enough to realise that the Quran demands respect for human life, regardless of their religion. How can the cause of Islam be enhanced by shooting in cold blood a 14-year old Muslim girl who is fighting for a simple and rightful life.

In my opinion the Taliban are not true Muslims as they are not following the Quran, by killing innocent Muslims. They are not following Prophet Mohammad by allowing women to work, as one of the Prophet’s wives was a business woman. They are religious fanatical terrorists who have no respect for human lives.

I am posting photographs of my trip to Mingora six years ago and they were certainly happier times in the Swat Valley. Perhaps some of the people in these photographs are Mala’s relatives and perhaps some of them are Taliban, who knows.

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Taken as I take an early morning walk to the centre of Mingora

A new day in peaceful times

Schoolboys of the Swat Valley

Main Street, Mingora

My breakfast

Fresh chicken to go

The choice is yours!

The local fish shop

Such a peaceful scene – who could imagine that such a horrible incident could happen here in Mingora.