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The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Quito was the first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, 1978, and besides its amazing landscapes, Quito is well known for its treasures of colonial churches, paintings, sculptures and carvings.

Quito extends along the eastern side of Pichincha volcano (15,000 feet). It is a long, over 45 kilometres and thin with a width of three to five kilometres. Although it is situated close to the equator and being the second highest capital city in the world (9,184ft) – therefore there is quite a variance in temperature, from a cool 10˚C in the evening to a pleasant 26˚C at noon. The geographical conditions of the zone give place to a number of ecosystems, thus Quito’s surroundings offer diverse landscapes, each with unique flora and fauna.

Sundays are a good day to visit the old part of Quito as the locals flock to this area to enjoy street music and performances.

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