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DSC_9563 Babes Alone

I have a pair of Pink-Necked Green Pigeons who decided to use one of my pot plants on my condo balcony as a nest. They laid the eggs on 16 April and the first of two eggs hatched on 1 May. The cock (male) sits on the nest during the day – from about 0800hrs until 1600 to 1830hrs. The hen (female) sits on the nest during the night. They both feed the squabs (chicks) with milk from their crops. Today was the first day that for a short while there were no parents on the nest.  The above photograph was taken at 0745hrs.

Dad's back

Dad’s back

The cock returned to the nest at 0800hrs to look after and feed the squabs

"I want some lunch"

“I want some lunch”

By 1130hrs the squabs were getting hungry

Getting ready for the big day

Getting ready for the big day

The squabs are beginning to exercise their wings – 1400hrs

"Mum's arrived"

“Mum’s arrived”

At 1630hrs the hen arrived to take over the nursery duties

"Dad's flown the nest."

“Dad’s flown the nest.”

A few minutes later the cock flew off and the hen began her nursery duties looking after her two hatchlings.

"We are hungry and it's dinner time."

“We are hungry and it’s dinner time.”

When the squabs are hungry they hit their parents’ neck. 1858hrs

Dinner time for the squabs

Dinner time for the squabs

Finally they get fed – 1900hrs