I’ve started my Bucket List. It’s not complete yet, whose is? I would be interested in getting your comments and your Bucket List.

Peter’s Bucket List

1.   IRELAND April & May 2012

2.   Smoke a cigar in CUBA

3.   ECUADOR October 2013

4.   LAOS


6.   BOTSWANA – Ovakavango



9.   TANZANIA – Zanzibar

10.       ETHIOPIA

11.       BHUTAN


13.       BELIZE

14.       COSTA RICA

15.       GUATEMALA

16.       MONGOLIA

17.       COOK ISLANDS

18.       MADAGASCAR

19.       CARIBBEAN

20.       ICELAND

21.       POLAND

22.       SCOTLAND


24.       AUSTRALIA – Northern Territory

25.       JAPAN – Kyoto Cherry Blossom

26.       IRAN – Shiraz, Persepolis & Isfahan  March 2014

27.       RUSSIA – Trans Siberian

28.       NAMIBIA

29.       SEYCHELLES

30.       ZAMBIAVictoria Falls

31.       CANADA –Yukon

32.       GREECE – Santorini

33.       GERMANY – Berlin March 2013

34.       CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague

35.       ANTARCTICA

36.       INDONESIA – Irian Jaya

37.       GALAPAGOS ISLANDS October 2013

38.       NETHERLANDS – Amsterdam April & May 2012

39.       CHILE – Patagonia

40.       ENGLAND – Lake District  May & June 2013

41.       USA – Utah, Zion National Park

42.       UZBEKISTAN –

43.       LATVIA

44.       RUSSIA – Cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg  June 2013

45.       AUSTRALIA – Cross the Nullabor

45.      Photograph the Northern Lights

46.      ETHIOPIA – Lalibela


7 thoughts on “MY BUCKET LIST”

  1. Very interesting list

  2. Good choices.

  3. Great list, but is the reasons for the destinations the same for all of them? When you for example say Scotland, what intrigues you the most about this country?

    Like when you say Russia by the way and then specifies with going on the trans-siberian. Great choice! I did the trans-mongolian last year. Amazing.

    • Perhaps I should have put the reasons for each country as they do vary but generally places attract me for their culture, cuisine and landscape. Admittedly some places attract me just out of curiosity as I don’t know what to expect. I have just returned from Azerbaijan as my wife was asked to present a scientific paper there. I didn’t know what to expect and there were surprises, such as the 20,000 year-old petroglyphs and the mud volcanoes, neither of these were on my “must see” list. Baku was also full of surprises, some I expected others amazing. I will be posting a photo essay shortly on Azerbaijan.

  4. Cuba was on my list….but then I went there. Havana is one of the few places I have visited that I have no desire to return to.

  5. My bucket list is pretty much within the USA… I’ve traveled through all 48 of the contiguous states starting around roughly 1968. These days, I’ve even narrowed it down to staying West of the Mississippi as travel starts to wear me out more easily. Still lots to see and do right here, though…

    I’m very much looking forward to your adventure in Latvia. It’s where I was born, but we bailed in 1944. Have only managed one return visit in 1989.

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